(AKA something I made up to look more legitimate)

Why did you create this blog?
I'm doing this for my high school culminating project.

Can I see what you look like?

<><> <><> <><>

Update: my new look. HEYOOO

What is your favorite T.V show?
Television is not relevant to this blog.

Do you have something against contractions?
I do not have anything againist contractions. I am just a very lazy person. I do not like moving my finger over the shift key correspondingly (real word?) with the apostrophe.

Why don't you make a list about your most watched movies?
It would probably just  be a mix of My Favorite Movies of all Time and My Guilty Pleasure Movies...so really, that is just repeat material.

How often does it take for you to create a post?
C'est depend! Movie reviews take half an hour. Full lists take multiple hours. I usually sprinkle stuff in periodically for a couple of days, then I spend 2-3 hours straight finishing the post, then organizing it with formatting and pictures. Extra time goes in for research based lists.

How did you make the welcoming banner thing?
My unparalleled skills on windows paint.

I just cropped pics and mashed them together.