June 14, 2011

Favorite Member of the Fellowship

The results are in! The greatest member has been choosen! Anyways, I'm sure some are curious to why I have randomly asked your favorite? Well, for one thing, I had stated The Fellowship of the Ring as my third favorite movie of all time. Those reasons included my appreciation for the bro-ness that The Fellowship developed. They were like a fraternity! I'm sure they all exchange christmas cards every year. Now, the other reason...the reason I am most excited for, is the re-release of The Fellowship (extended edition with introduction by Peter Jackson) tonight!

I could have listed my favorite member of The Fellowship in order and graced you with my marvelous opinions, however I decided that was no fun. Instead, I took a poll asking YOU what you thought! Of course, I'll still grace you with my opinion but hopefully you feel a little special that I wanted to know what you think! I wasn't surprised who won, but almost everything else surprised me. I don't cast any blame. It was a hard call...when I was beginning the original list I wasn't sure how I was even going to rank! You could either go with who was most important (obviously that would be Frodo) or you could go with you you liked the best...I don't judge either way. Well, I do a little.

1. Legolas - Orlando Bloom: I was a little dissapointed with Legolas winning the majority of the votes. Yeah, he is pretty damn awesome...but there is no substance! He is better in the books. In the movies he is downgraded to supplying comic relief, cool battle scenes, and obvious statements ("A diversion!" yep). Don't get me wrong, I understand why everybody loves Legolas (and Raymond). What's not to love? He has long blond hair, can handle a bow, and is immune to getting injured.

This is slightly reminiscent of a skit I am doing in French
yeah, that's a teaser
 I was once a Legolas fangirl...as I assume most of the people who voted for him are. I will admit it was because he is attractive and has mesmerizing golden locks. I don't really feel that way anymore. Maybe I'm wiser now, or perhaps Orlando Bloom just doesn't get the same thrill out of me as he once did (seriously, when was the last time he was even in a movie?). Anyways, I still like him...however if this was my opinion, he would be mid rank. However, he does get EXTREME cool points because he is part of my favorite scene in the whole trilogy!


Memorable Line: "A DIVERSION!"

2. Frodo -Elijah Wood: Personally, Frodo was last on my list. I can't stand the little bugger. I think he is a grade A whiner. I know, I know, he is being possessed by the ring...but really, i feel we could see the tool gene in him long before he got the ring. In all reality, if it hadn't been for Smeagol, who knows if the ring would have even been destroyed! If it takes someone biting off your finger in order for you to get your ass in gear, you have some serious problems.

He is like an innocent deer in the headlights...except I would
have it him with my car.

 I know that that ring wouldn't have been destroyed if he hadn't carried it, however, he would have been dead from day one if it wasn't for every other character. If it wasn't for Aragorn, he would have been dead at the Prancing Pony or Weathertop. If it wasn't for Arwen he would have been dead at the Ford of Bruinen. If it wasn't for Bilbo, he would have been killed in the Mines of Moria. If it wasn't for Gandalf, he would have been killed by the fire demon. If it wasn't for Aragorn, the orcs would have had him. Galadriel saves him with the phial of light. If it wasn't for Sam, he would have been toast multiple times. Even Smeagol saved his ass! Frodo is like a baby. He gets all the credit but he is really useless. It's everyone else who does all the work! I will never understand.

Memorable Line: "I wish the Ring had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened." YEAH WELL ALL DO FRODO, WE ALL DO.

3. Aragorn- Viggo Mortensen: He is so hot....sorry I had to say that right now or else I wouldn't be able to write this because thinking of his attractiviness would eat at my soul. He is just so ruggedly good looking....something I dig, yah knowwww? Apparently though, this attractiviness is dimmed by Legolas and his barbie hair (I realize I was just complimenting it). As my friend said of Aragorn when we were watching the movies together, "But he is only man!" It appears one is either just an Aragorn or a Legolas.  I expected him to be first or second. He got a decent amount of votes, just not enough to beat the elf-hobbit monster. Personally, I think he is great. He just has that certain je ne sais quoi. Well, no...we know what it is.  

Hey so...you...uh...come here often?
 Everyone respects him, the girls wanna get with him (yeah, I'm talking about you Eowyn), and guys wanna be him.  He is pretty kickass as well. That scene in The Fellowhip where the orcs come and he is like "Frodo get the hell outta here", and then he turns to face a bajillion of them without any fear...words cannot describe how badass that is. Aragorn doesn't take shit from anyone, yet he is pretty humble considering he is heir to Gondor. Of course, he is heir-in-exile but that is a minor detail. Oh, to be king. ALL HAIL MACBETH. Wait. Nope, that is not right.

Most Memorable line: " Let's hunt some orc."

4. Gimli- John Rhys- Davies: So pretty much  Gimli is the creepy uncle of the group. He is short and gingery. I don't really have any hard feelings either way for him. I appreciate the friendship that he and Legolas develop. I think it shows that prejudice can be put aside when you get to know a person. Their little killing orc count is probably his only memorable part. Ha. That little competition is great...comic relief at it's best.

He had the craziest look in his eyes.
And at one point he said, "Lets get it on."

5. Merry- Dominic Monaghan: I like Merry much more on Lost. I did not expect him to get more than one vote...color me surprised. I can't believe he beat Pippin. I like him a lot... he just doesn't do much. The only thing I can think of is when he almost gets his face smashed by the horse and when he says "He's leaving" as Frodo puts on the ring. He is much more intelligent in the books. In the movies, he and Pippin are more bros who just mess around.

4 8 15 16 23 42

 Most Memorable Line:  "I know you've run out. You smoke too much, Pip." LOL

6. Sam- Sean Astin: So, Sam, Gandalf Pippin were tied. I put Sam ahead because in a tie, I get the final say AND Sam had a lead over them from the beginning. I don't particularly care for Sam, yet I recognize he is a very significant member. He is the real hero of the story. If it wasn't for Sam, Frodo would have never made it to Mordor. I have to fast forward through the part where Frodo makes Sam leave because his little face kills me. I really feel for him. Especially, since he wouldn't have even had to go through all of that if Gandalf hadn't caught him droppin' eaves.

It's The Goonies all over again.

Sam is just super annoying and is pretty much Frodo's bitch. He also has too many reminiscent moments where he is talking about The Shire and then the cheesy music comes on (yeah, you know what music I'm talking about). Urgh. If he didn't do those things, his awesomeness would have been much more appreciated.

Most Memorable Line: "Come on, Mr. Frodo. I can't carry it for you... but I can carry you!" That was the point where Sam stopped annoying me...too bad it was in the last 45 minutes of the movie (because the last 20 were devoted to pointless endings).

7. Pippin - Billy Boyd: Both Merry and Pippin were used as comic relief in at least the first movie. Pippin is definitely the better of the two. He gets into all sorts of mischief. Like when he hits the skeleton down the well and Gandalf yells at him. I love it. He also has some good one liners. Pippin actually has purpose in the film as well. He is the one who gets possessed by the palantir and he saves Faramir! He has a lovely singing voice too, it takes up like ten minutes of screen time, but I appreciate it nevertheless.  He is my favorite hobbit. The only one who doesn't annoy the hell out of me.

I know you're surprised...Pippin is Bl...arely wearing a
shirt! Queue jazz hands!
Most Memorable Line: "What about second breakfast?"

8. Galdalf- Ian McKellan: This was the greatest shock of my life...Gandalf gets only one vote?!?!  (Update: In the final hour, Gandalf got another vote! However, I kept him below Sam and Pippin in the tie because I wanted you to all feel the disgrace). I think what happened was that everyone has Gandalf as their second or third favorite, therefore he didn't get any love. I was very upset. He was third on my list.  I think Gandalf is so BA. He knows what is up.
I hope I never dissapoint Gandalf and have
him give me that face.

Many a comparisons are made between Galdalf and Dumbledore. However, I find them very different...the main one being I can't stand Dumbledore. Gandlalf on the other hand is one badass mo-fo. He may seem like a nice cuddly grandfather figure but he can be a hardass when he wants to. He yells at the hobbits a lot...because they are little babies. His breakdance battle with Sauron is amazing. Two old guys duking it out. Classic.

Most Memorable Line: "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"
9. Boromir- Sean Bean:  I was not surprised, yet still extremely dissapointed to see Boromir get only on vote...especially since it was my own :(.  I think we have established that I have incredible love towards the man. Not only is he played by my favorite, Sean Bean, he also is a giant asshole...well, kinda. I think Boromir is the best member because he is Tolkien's way of showing that anyone is susceptible to the ring's power. However, he gets a bad rep because everybody chooses to forget this, and instead say he is the guy who tries to molest Frodo (to soon?) to get the ring....or something like that. I personally think he is just one complicated dude.

Aww so presh! <3
He may seem like a poopy face but no matter what he said or did before, you cannot deny he redeemed himself in the end. I think Boromir had good intentions, but c'mon...it's the one ring to rule them all! Look what happened to Frodo. Exactly.You can tell he has a soft spot for the hobbits (midget fetish?), especially Merry and Pippin. It's kind of sweet. Also, when he is dying, he has a hearfelt moment with Aragorn...it chokes me up a little. He knows what he did was wrong. I <3 him forever and always. When he dies, I die a little inside.

Most Memorable Line: "I would have followed you my brother, my captain, my king." You should see the look on my face right now. <3 <3 <3



Also, I had to watch another Sean Bean character die in Game of Thrones last night...so the wound has become fresh (literally). What? You have never seen Game of Thrones? It is only the newest additton to HBO's line up, based on George R.R. Martin's  epic fantasy series. It is great. I know I shouldn't t promote books or T.V on this, but if you like epic fantasy (really, really low amount of fantasy, more like medieval political intrige with wars and stuff...like Braveheart meets LOTR except with a very unorthodox formula) and are willing to devote a lot of time to reading (each book is a little under 1000 pages) then go for it. For more info, check it out here on amazon. Both the books and the show are amazing. BTW, I now expect a check from the author, since I just seriously pimp promoted his book. Ok, sorry. BIG side note, I know.

I am probably the only one who finds
this humorous.

So there they are, the members of The Fellowship in all their glory! However,  I would like to complain about all the fan fiction drawings I had to sift through while looking for decent photos online. Some of them were truly disturbing. Because I had to face this strangness to make my post beautiful, you must suffer as well. The following were the best of the worst fan drawings. They are super creepy. I had multiple WTF moments. People have wayyyy to much time on their hands (though I am one to talk). If you scare easily, do not continue.

It get's weirder.

UHMM...incest? Yup.
This  the result of Frodo and Smeagol having
children. I actually am not sure who this is
supposed to be.
RELEVENCE?! and does

look like his name should be David? or is that just me?

I don't even know where to begin

The author named this one
"Aragorn spies Legolas Bathing " uh...wat?

LOL every time.  I want to meet who
did this.

So there it is! I'm off to Rivendell...or I guess the movie theater...I'm super pumped! This list got me even more excited for the beauty that is Lord of the Rings. If you can't go tonight, they will also be playing The Two Towers next Tuesday and The Return of the King the Tueday after that! It is really a once in a lifetime opportunity...sort of.  Thanks to everyone who voted! Any ideas for the next poll? Please let me know! Untl then, Ciao for now!

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