Translations Dictionary

Instead of having to explain what the hell I'm talking about, I have compiled a translation page for my
"lingo" of sorts. If you ever are confused by something I say, refer to this!

Movie High: That feeling you get after a REALLY, REALLY, REALLY good movie. You think about it long after it's over (maybe a day) and keep the mood translates to your mood! A movie high can make you decide to watch the sequel (bad idea if it's Pocahontas), drift off into a daydream wishing it was your life, read the book it's based on, get on a certain franchise kick (HP, LOTR, POTC, ect.), or if you're like me, research the movie to no end, finding out bits of interesting info. A movie high can be dangerous...especially if it includes the first example. However, it can also be wonderful. I have been on  LOTR movie high for a few weeks because of the extended edition theatrical release...magical.

Example: I just got an insane movie high from watching Pirates of the Caribbean. I think I'm going to go get a Captain Jack Sparrow wallpaper for my desktop...hell, I might just go to party city and buy a nice plastic pirate medallion. Should I go see on Stranger Tides? I heard it wasn't too good...but how bad could it be? It's Pirates! Why isn't this movie my life?! I want to marry Orlando Bloom.

Movie Blue Balls: This term was not coined by me. A classmate of mine named Teo told me I had some serious movie blue balls going on (I whisper yelled at the screen) when we were watching Tangled in english class. I was intrigued and entertained. Obviously figurative, movie blue balls is when you are watching a certain scene of a movie and the two characters are about to kiss...BUT THEY DON'T, for varying reasons (sudden realization, passing out, an "I'm sorry, I can't", gingers, interruption, boat being pushed over by eels...etc.)  All that build up for nothing! It's awful. Those moments that make you yell "Seal deal, dammit!" or "NOOOOOOO! WHY?!THEY WERE SO CLOSE"

Example: Damn, The Little Mermaid "Kiss the Girl" musical number gave me some serious movie blue balls.

Walberg Chemistry: The level of chemistry that is wanted between leads in a movie... ideally the chemistry found in anyfilm with Mark Walberg. The man has it with my own humble opinion. He gets paired with someone and somehow manages to get the sparks flying...he was with WILL FERELL for god''s sake and made it work!

Example: Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdam's have a total Walberg chemistry going on in The Notebook (not the best example, but I'm sure everyone knows what I'm saying if they didn't before).

Absolute Gold: I know I use this term a lot, but it's my best description of a scene where you get the tinglies and/or just love it. Moments that are absolute gold can save a movie that is mostly filled with silver...or worse...cubic zirconia!

Example: That scene in The Dark Knight where the Joker makes the pencil dissapear is absolute gold!

The Tinglies: I just realized I used a lingo word in a definition for another. The tinglies are pretty much a low level of a movie high. They can happen anytime in a film, and make you feel happy/good/captivated. You may find yourself grinning like a fool. A lot of times they happen at some sentimental moment, a romantic scene where the characters finally get together or have a moment, an epic fight scene, or a nice group singing (only if not a musical).

Example: I get insane tinglies during that scene in Can't Hardly Wait when everyone is singing Tiny Dancer on the bus.

Lindsay Lohan Prime: When Lindsay Lohan was spewing out succesful  movies. From approximatley 1998-2005.

Example: Freaky Friday was the prime of the Lindsay Lohan Prime.

Plot Settling: When the beginning problem of a movie is set aside for an even bigger problem and in the ending the former problem is fixed all too nicely (if illogically), really not being a problem at all because the writers don't want to deal with tying up loose ends. Like settling for mr. right, but with plots. It may not be ideal or all too impressive, but it gets the job done.

Example: The way the Sultan says "To hell with the law" at the end of Aladdin so Jasmine and her man can marry is plot settling at it's finest.

Bill Paxton Sweater: The reason I watch Titanic. His sweaters are THE BEST. Hey, it's cold in the North Atlantic.