August 4, 2011

Similarities between Harry Potter, LOTR, Star Wars, and Twilight

Similarities Between LOTR, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Twilight

This post started out as me trying to identify the similarities and differences between LOTR and HP because the past two times I have watched LOTR (more like two times in the past six times I have watched it recently) somebody has said "Woah. That's just like Harry Potter!"

Except I must add that this is like the whole "Ice,Ice Baby" and "Under Pressure" thing all over again. Freddie (we're on first term basis) and Dbowz wonderful jam is always referred to as "that song that stole the beginning to "Ice, Ice Baby". NO! Vanilla Ice sampled it without permission. TEN BLOODY YEARS AFTER THE ORIGINAL. So no, it's the other way around and if I hear that again I'm gonna be pissed. Same with HP vs. LOTR. Tolkien didn't take any material from Rowling. One could argue that Tolkien's work was the basis for modern fantasy...most do. So I guess it's ok. ANYWAYS rant over. I apologize. Like Boromir, my life's mission is defend Queen because I'm borderline obsessed with them.

OK BACK TO THE MAGIC (Pun intended).

This search led me to google, where I found even more stuff has been compared to HP.

Namely, Twilight and Star Wars. There was one about Jesus but that didn't sound too promising. Anyways, what I'm trying to get at is that all fantasy/sci-fi are very similar. If LOTR is similar to HP and HP is similar to Twilight, then really, Twilight and LOTR are also similar. This of course is A=B and B=C then A=C. Yeah, I was really good at proofs. NBD.

So really...
The movies are interchangable.

They could have destroyed the ring so much faster
if Frodo just got a ride on the millenium falcon

Boromir...Bro! You would get SO much more love
if you had actually done this.
Harry...Edward, what's the difference? Either way
you have made someone a third (fifth) wheel

Behind the neck shot?! NICE!
Not seeing it yet? Take it away paint chart!

I obviously did not think that through too well. Let me break it down another way.

Similar Names

In Harry Potter and Twilight, everyone awkwardly has the same name. Here's a list.


Now, I know that these are not uncommon names. BUT THE SIMILARITIES DON'T STOP THERE.

My last name is Black. I ride a motorcycle and turn into a dog.
My last name is Black. I ride a motorcycle and turn into a dog.

The Father Figure Who Dies
Star Wars, HP, and LOTR. BAM!

Suicidal tendencies held back.
Nobody was there to cry and scream for you my two named friend

Love Triangles
Unfourtanetly, there's always ONE loser.

Actually, I believe Harry wins this one on "death by Voldemort" technicality
So really, Voldemort un-cock blocked Harry by killing Cedric.
See, he's not ALL bad.
Somewhere in this vast world, there is fan fic depicting this very scene
You're welcome "EdwardizsoHAWT92"
Way to awkwardly be in the background.

Now we can be the Brothers we were always meant to be!

The only difference is that Harry uses weird British words
Evil Dark Lord comes out of the shadows of darkness TO RISE AGAIN

Except Sauron is way cooler than Voldy
You are strange.

Actor Crossovers

In HP, Rpatz plays a giant douche. In Twilight
Rpatz plays another giant douche.
I really dislike him for some reason.

Well "" I believe these two characters look
the same because they're the same person. But that's just a wild guess.
At last! Twilight and Star Wars similarity!
To quote the great Bryan Adams (hahahahaha JK) :


"Climb on my back spider monkey"
Actual Quote
This will forever be my favorite picture of all time

Fan fiction is weird

Why can't you just be normal?

I called midget fetish from the beginning
The best part is Han and Chewie's "knowing look" exchange
Ok. Why is it always either sexual harrasment
or gay lovers?

See what I mean?

I question the sanity of the creators
Another Chart!

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