October 1, 2011

Burning Movie Questions answered by the Internet

Hello my pretties! Today is a good day. Just reached my 2000th view. That's not a lot in the grand scheme of things, but to me that makes me so happy and proud. Sure, most of it is just google image search, but at least the name is getting out there!

The classic Favorite Member of the Fellowship is the # 8 result on Google when you type in the blog name and from StumbledUpon it's # 6. Seriously! Type it in! =D

All thanks to the internet! I thank my consistant readers for loving me (even though they're my friends) but I gotta hand it to google. When I get to present my experience with this for my Culimating Project, it looks so much more legit.

Which brings us to todays post.

I love the internet. Where else can read about what kind of sandwich an aqquantaince ate, find out what shennanigans Sookie has gotten into today, or check out what conspiracies people have about ASoIaF (aka Game of Thrones)? How else will I know what the hip memes are, or whether or not Orlando Bloom is actually going to be in a movie again?

And you can read my favorite blog!

Anyways, The internet is wondeful because it give me answers.

You know what also gives me answers?

Yahoo Answers, Ask.com, and Wiki Answers. REAL PEOPLE, ASKING REAL QUESTIONS! It's genius. Anyone can asnwer your questions about life, and it will be the legitimate truth. It's, dare I say, better than Wikipedia.


So, naturally I'm sure people have questions about some movies. So I took it to the bridge ( JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, I'M SERIOUS. MAKE MORE MUSIC) and searched through endless questions like "Why do I have no friends?" so I could find out what the movie community wants to know. It's my civic duty...really, it is. And those people who answered? Future scholars of America.

Q. How did winnie the pooh get his name

A. i guess the person that named him just picked any random name cause it dony sound very thought out

Neither does your response. SLAM.

 I always thought he created it by using a Myspace name generator.

"Winnie the Pooh? Eh...I liked Mike Hawk better"

Q. How do you get into show biz?

A. well i guess you need to see a produce or something

Why isn't it WORKING?

Q. What are some good comedy movies?

A. Jump the broom by Tyler perry

Q. Should i watch pulp fiction never saw it before should i watch die hard to?i have not seen those movies ether?

A. YES to both. Pulp Fiction is one of the BEST movies of the 20th century. You have to be very intelligent to get all the references to other movies that it pays homage too.It's a brilliant movie.

DIE HARD is an action CLASSIC (as are ALL the DIE HARD movies). None of them are in the league of Pulp Fiction but they are super-entertaining.

Bruce Willis is in ALL of them. He has to be the most under-rated actor of the last 30 years (along with Kevin Costner)

I don't think you have to be "intelligent" to get the movie references...you just have to watch a lot of movies. If that makes you intelligent, than I'm Einstein.

and Kevin Costner...really? Ever heard of this?

This person pretty much ruined their cred of "being an intelligent movie watcher" by saying that.

There are 3 things you know everyone will always hate.

Kevin Costner
and Twilight

which brings us to...

Q. Why does every one hate twilight?

A. It's like a preteen romance novel.

Yeah? Didn't we already know that?

Q. Good Sith Names Please? I just made a new lightsaber, but I'm just missing the character who it should belong to. He won't be in a novel or anything, just looking for a good name. Darth something maybe.

A. Obivoisly darth

Do darth saurun

Mix of lord of the rings and star wars

Urgh...one does not simply...mix Star Wars and Lord of the Rings

Oh right. Broke my own rule

BTW, you spelt Sauron wrong...OBVIOUSLY

Q. Does anybody else think Anthony Hopkins played Hannibal too well?

It's really hard to believe Anthony isnt really a serial killer with a genius IQ.

He played that part too well.

Does anybody else feel the same way about him?
With that logic, Christan Bale is actually the real Batman.

Garbled voice

 One can dream <3

Q. What are the twilight movies about?

A. A girl who has her priorities in the wrong place and somehow thinks that she knows exactly what she wants when she is only 16. She then has trouble choosing between a fairy and a werewolf and for some reason never considers the possibility to settle with a regular human.

A. It's a horror film about fairies who sparkle in the sunlight and hairy beasts that never seem to wear shirts. Oh, and the main fairy and main beast fight over an average looking girl who never seems to close her mouth throughout the whole movie.

Wait. Fairies? I thought they were vampires?!?!?!!? STOP GETTING YOUR FANTASTICAL CREATURES CONFUSED.
When Peter Pan makes fun of you...
you know you have problems.
This is where Yahoo! Answers can get dangerous.
Q. Is this a good movie for a 6 year old? My Bloody Valentine?

 TROLL.Troll.troll. TrOlL. TRollololololololo.
 At least, I hope to god that is the case.
Q. The Godfather vs Harry Potter?
A. Are you asking us to compare a trilogy that includes two of the arguably best movies of all time and a mediocre series that appeals to the Twilight crowd?
Let's just say the Godfather.
Ahhh, but what if the question was intended to be "Who would win in a fight?"
... my money is still on Al Pacino...Harry is a pussy.
Even Batman would kick his ass.
Q. Am I the only one who things 'avatar' sucks? The story and script are poor quality. All stuff that's been done before. Dances with wolves rip off!
A. No, you are not. You aren't a unique butterfly for thinking so. Oh, and calling it a 'dances with wolves' rip off is really unoriginal.

Does it make me unoriginal if I say that it's Pocahontas...IN SPACE?
Q. Which job is the closest to the one James Bond has?
A. the operator at Disney World running Fantasy Land comes to mind
You'll never ride the teacups the same way again
when you think about that license to kill

Q. I have a theory about the movie titanic.....?

Tell me if this makes sense:
If rose would have gotten on the boat at the end, when both jack and hal had told her to then jack could have been on the wood where she was and not have died, because the boats would have come back to get him. Am I Right !???
OMG! MY POINT EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You win at life.
Q.Why do people make out in movie cinemas?
A. It started with drive ins and progressed to cinema's ...

Sometimes people (of young age) need to prove to there parents that they went to watch a movie (ticket)

You should consider a different time of the day, if it upsets you.
yeah, like 11:00 in the morning. only old people go then.
ohhh god...make it stop
Thank you.
*you just got Rick Rolled. See, the internet is a beautiful thing.

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