June 26, 2011

Random Ramlings Part I (Vote in the Poll!)

So I haven't had much time to do any blogging this week. This is mostly due to the laziness and happenings of summer, my studying for the ASVAB, soccer practice, and being at my beach house for the last three days. Oh, also I haven't exactly had a computer. My laptop has been in a non-working condition for about 2 months and I have been too lazy to get it fixed, or I just haven't had enough discipline to save money for repairs.

I thought one of these was appropriate.
At least they could've ryhmed

 So, I had been using my mom's extra computer but last week it got a virus (I have a problem with electronic devices), so I have been relying on my phone and the charity of my dad and brother for internet access. Anyways, once I get back home things will probably be much faster. Not that I really have too many followers to upset with my lack of posts...but still! I haven't had enough time to write a full post. I also haven't been writing reviews because for the last two weeks  because I have only gone to the movies to see LOTR extended edition (with introduction by Peter Jackson!)

However, I wanted an update because there are only 22 hours left to vote in the poll! Please make the tiniest effort to click your mouse on your answer. I swear it takes 2.2 seconds. I like to have a lot of people vote...

Anyways, so what's new with me and the movie watching? Well, since I have been at the beach, I have watched five movies. ALL of them have been mostly by myself despite having my friend and brother in a fifty foot radius. That's ok with me, I like watching movies alone. This is a mini list I suppose. Just the past few movies I have watched. Very informal.

Starting off! I watched Snatch, a pretty underrated movie directed  by Guy Ritchie. There are a lot of people in this movie, most notably Brad Pitt in one of my favorite performances of his. The movie is fast paced and has some very, very, very funny parts. I don't think a lot of people know this movie but it is super good.

Fight Club part deux? Nope.

Next, I watched The Departed. It is obviously one of my Favorite Movies of all Time so it was naturally amazing. The last 45 minutes are unbeatable for me. It's a long movie and I'm sure it gets wearing, but the last third it pure adrenaline rushing badassness. Every time...every time.

Then I watched Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Another one of my favorites...actually THE FAVORITE. I didn't finish the whole thing because I started to realize I was watching what I wanted to watch only, plus we were going to have a bonfire. So, I'm saving the golden ending for another day! Best movie ever. Gets LOL's from me all the time. I was also eating a taco with Newman's Own salsa . FATE.

 delicious, delicious.

After much bullying from my friend who is with me (kidding), I watched The Black Cauldron, a Disney movie made in the 80's just prior to the Disney Renaissance (post pending on just that!). I have never seen it but was told it was good by said friend. It wasn't that great. I'm not saying it was bad, just not up to my friend's hype. The plot confused me, the villian was mediocre, and the ending was eh. However, there were some good parts. The little companion was endearing and I thought the budding romance was cute. I know it isn't supposed to be a classic but it was definitely not the reaction I expect from a Disney movie. Mulan on the other hand...

...does just that for me. I just finished watching it. Not my absolute favorite Disney film, but it certainly does get a reaction from me. Great songs and great characters. Mulan is my favorite Disney heroine. She isn't looking for love or freedom...she is doing something for her family and finding herself. I think in that aspect, this movie is deeper than some of the other's in the Disney line-up. Most Disney movies don't make me cry, but this one does. I am truly happy (I know, it's very strange that I'm so emotionally attached to a drawing) for Mulan because she became a hero...and then when her father throws that "honoring stuff" on the ground and tells her that having her as his daughter is his greatest honor...oh shit, the tears begin to fall.

Anyways, so that has been what I have been watching this weekend! I also would like to add briefly the movies I had watched during the last few weeks of school, because that was some good stuff to be watched.

Tangled: Pretty decent movie. The songs are weak and I don't care for Rapunzel too much. I like Flynn Ryder and when he has the lanterns for her on the boat to launch, he becomes my dream man. Thought the ending resolution was rocky. Philadelphia: Didn't see the whole thing. I thought Tom Hanks had a good performance and I appluad him for doing such a film. I looked up the rest on Wikipedia and was unimpressed because it was predictable, however I thought the movie was very compassionate and eye opening. Les Miserables: I was very surprised at how great this movie was. Mother of Pearl! I loved it. This was the version with Liam Neeson and Geoffrey Rush, and I was captivated. My class didn't appreciate my enthusiasm but I'm sure the people who made the movie would! The Princess Bride: What to say about this movie that I haven't? Exactly.

A Disney sidekick I actually like. Pascal is awesome

Well, that's my update. I hope you at least mildly enjoyed it. I have a new extra on the sidebar called Lingo Translations that I hope will add a little flair and insight into my blog! Please, check it out! Also, I can't stress this enough...VOTE IN THE POLL. The results post will be up maybe next week...maybe. I have another post I am making that will be less generic than my usual Top blah blah blah list. Ciao. I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer thus far!

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  1. I appreiciated your enthusiasm for Les Mis.