June 4, 2011

My Favorite Movies of all Time

Oh, movies. How you bring joy to my life. I love movies. I crave them. I eat them alive for breakfast (not really). Movies are amazing. I wish my life was a movie. Ok... this all sounds really desperate and unhealthy, so I'm going to get on with it.

For my high school culminating project, I decided to make a blog. My topic of choice was naturally something I could talk about endlessly. Movies. I'm not going to pretend I have seen every movie worth seeing (and those not worth seeing) because I haven't. I have, however, seen a good variety of movies. I like movies from all genres, with the exception of horror. I also really don't like movies with creatures who are misunderstood (E.T, for example). That is pretty much the only stuff I don't care for...everything else is fair game.

For my first post, I think it is appropriate to share my Favorite Movies of all Time. Note that I did not say "best" movies of all time. I am not trying to tell people what they should like. I'm merely discussing good movies, why they are great, and why you should give them a try. The list is not up to debate because these are MY favorite movies, dammit! 

However, any feedback is encouraged. If it is too long, tell me. If it is boring, tell me...I'll be sure to spice it up, if you have any suggestions for future posts, TELL ME. Because this is going to be the best  blog ever!

(P.S I'm aware there will probably be only, like, 10 people reading this.)

1. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)

“That’s my Dad’s favorite movie!” I get this every time (exaggeration perhaps?)  I talk about how much I love Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I find that amusing. I never really knew why I liked it so much…however, I have narrowed it down to three possible reasons. 

Sundance is my soulmate.
  Bromance: Paul Newman and Robert Redford have a chemistry that most rom-com movies wish they could create. The pair is charismatic and awesome, with their bantering driving the entire film. Forget Starksy and Hutch, Han and Chewie, Mark Walberg and anyone he has ever played opposite of (the man has chemistry with EVERYONE); this is the original bromance. 

Genre: I love westerns. Without a doubt, it is the greatest genre of movies. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid is ranked as one of the greatest westerns of all time. It has all you could want from a western…gun fights, bank robberies, horses…a wild west good time!

The Ending: GREATEST. MOVIE. ENDING. EVER. I don’t think I will begin to even describe how amazing this ending is. It is so tastefully done, when it could have been absolutely horrible. Butch and Sundance don’t have some lame sentimental moment that brings tears to your eyes. They go out with style…and oh boy, is it legendary. I have the movie poster with the above picture on it. So badass. They keep it classy until the end, leaving it to your imagination (of course if you don’t realize what happens...I worry about you).

Makes you want to watch the movie now, right? Me too. I may just do that.

Best Scene: Besides the ending, I would have to say when they jump into the river. Or when they try to speak Spanish while robbing the Bolivian bank.

2. Singin’in the Rain(1952):  I could watch this movie over and over again. It never fails to make me unbelievably happy....or give me the urge to get on my dancin' shoes! The singing, the comedy, the romance…all spot on perfection.

Why don't I have this outfit?
 Gene Kelly is a gem, and in my opinion, the greatest performer ever. Jean Hagen, as Lina, the silent film star with an ....uhm... unfourtante speaking voice, is absolutely brilliant. This is the greatest musical of all time, without a doubt. Even if you don’t like musicals or older movies, EVERYONE should see this movie.
Best Scene: When Don tells the story of his rise to stardom.

3.Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)
"One does not simply walk into Mordor!"
<3 you Boromir
No, The Return of the King is not better. Sure, it is good and I love the battle scenes, but it’s unbelievably awful last twenty minutes ruin it for me. On the other hand, the Fellowship’s last twenty minutes are absolutely incredible. It’s intense. Of course, the other reason I like the first movie is because Boromir (played by the BAMF Sean Bean) is still alive and being a giant prick. He is my favorite character. Plus, Frodo hasn’t turned into a giant fuck yet. This is all not to say that I don’t like the other two movies. LOTR is the best movie trilogy of all time. If I were to rate them all as one giant movie (taking off the ghastly ending of the third) then it would still be # 3.
Best Scene: When the Fellowship is created. Everyone is so united to help Frodo. I feel strangely moved by all these creatures coming together to kick Sauron’s ass. Plus, you can tell they all become bros 4 lyfe. Actually, all the actors who were part of the Fellowship have matching tattoos on their chest that say nine in Quenya (elfish).  
4. The Princess Bride (1987): Do I really need to say why? I orignally had this in the # 10 spot, however as I began writing I realized how wrong I was.

I'm very glad Inigo Montoya did not overshadow
 Mandy Paninkin's careerin shows
like Criminal Minds and I love Toy Trains 

The Princess Bride is one of the few parodies that is actually a good movie (Space Balls is probably the only other one). It is silly and magical, funny and romantic, epic and heartwarming…pretty much everything that makes a movie good. It’s one of the most quotable films ever, as well as Fred Savage's finest work....I somehow manage to forget it’s greatness, but then I watch it again, and it all comes back to me! You are not a human if you don’t like this movie.

Best Scene: Westley (do not tell me I spelled his name wrong, because I didn’t) and Inigo Montoya’s sword fight as always had a place in my heart.

*Add bad hair joke here.

5. No Country for Old Men(2007): Holy Shit, this is a great movie. The Cohen Brothers never fail to make an amazing film (there are exceptions), but this one is my favorite. The casting is perfection. Tommy Lee Jones is his usual wise, hard self, Josh Brolin has a weird name … and I guess a good performance, but mostly I get distracted by his name.  Javier Bardem is so badass...his Oscar  was well earned. Also, NCFOM has a great ending. A lot of people didn’t like it (my mother). It was so unsatisfying and incomplete...but that's what makes it great.

Best Scene: Every scene where Javier kills someone. That sounds bad...

6. Pride and Prejudice (2005): How often does a beloved novel get adapted into an equally great movie (well at least twice for me, see below)? Not often. Pride and Prejudice has been on both the big and small screen multiple times, but this version is my favorite. It follows the plot well, the scenery is breath-taking, and the two leads have great chemistry. For me, it was like I was reading the book with my eyes (even though I read with my eyes...uhhh).
P&P is the greatest love story of all time (sorry Romeo and Juliet). This film is one of the greatest romance movies EVER. Go ahead, disagree with me. Kiera Knightley does a great Elizabeth Bennett; she embodies every quality I think Jane Austen intended. A lot of people didn’t like Matthew Macfayden’s portrayal of Mr. Darcy, probably because a lot of these people (WOMEN) feel their loyalties lie with Colin Firth. I liked him. When he comes marching across the field in the morning…oh man.

I feel like the only caption I could put for this,
is somethinglike "OMG I wish  I
was her RIGHT NOW"...but I that would be
 a lie...so I'm lost.
Long story short, this is a beautiful movie. If you are a Jane Austen purest and don’t think it can stand up to your expectations, watch it anyways...you might be surprised. (I would also recommend NOT watching the miniseries, Lost in Austen, because you would flip a bitch).
Best Scene: When Mr. Bennett discusses with Lizzie her sudden love for Mr. Darcy (end scene in T.V version, not in theatrical). It is a super sweet father/daughter moment. After she leaves, he chuckles to himself If any young men come for Mary or Kitty, for heaven's sake, send them in. I'm quite at my leisure”CLASSIC.
7.The Parent Trap (1998): No girl within a three year age difference from myself has not seen this movie.  It was a defining movie of my childhood and still remains one of my favorites. Every scene is absolute gold. From the camp meeting, to the switching, and finally to the “trapping” there is something to be loved. Dennis Quaid is an absolute tool (in the best possible way) as the dad...my artwork below reflects my love. This is also the time period from 1998- 2005 when Lindsay Lohan was in her prime.

Best Scene: IMPOSSIBLE. I thought a good ten minutes trying to figure this out. If I had to say ONE, it would either be the scene where Halie (Annie? I get confused) goes on the mean streets of London with mum OR the camping scene. No, definitely the camping scene.

Try not to laugh.
8.    Little Women (1994): Like Pride and Prejudice, this is a movie adaption I approve of. I actually like it better than the book mostly because it is pretty low on the suffocating virtuousness that is so prominent in Alcott's work. Winona Ryder is the best thing to happen to Jo March since Katherine Hepburn (and not just because she is my favorite actress). She is awkward, spunky, and endearing, plus she isn’t nearly as annoying as LMA's Jo. It is also fun to see a few of today’s popular actors in their earlier roles (Christian Bale, Kirsten Dunst, and Claire Danes), as well as the always bitch’n Susan Sarandon.
I could watch this movie year round, hell I once watched it on Halloween because I was too sick to actually do anything (or I’m just a giant loner who has zero social skills). However, I think it is best during the holidays. It just makes ya feel good!
Best Scene: When Jo is telling the family that she cut her hair. Not because it is a particularly good scene, but because at one point Christian Bale makes a weird face and laughs in the background. So unintentional, yet so great.  
Shit is going down. What will they do?!
9.  Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953): This one was a struggle. I knew that a Marilyn Monroe movie was definitely going to be on the list…but which one? I decided upon Gentlemen Prefer Blondes because it is probably my favorite (so that intro had no point at all). This is mostly because I like Jane Russell’s character a lot; total opposite of Marilyn’s ditzy blonde. The double wedding at the end is also a nice touch (so corny, I LOVE IT). I wish they still made movies like this.

Best Scene: This was another hard one. I would have to say the scene in Paris when the two sing “When Love goes Wrong” but “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” is just so iconic.  Hmmm.

10.   The Departed (2006): This movie never fails to get my adrenaline pumping. The end of it (are you also noticing that good endings= good movies?) is the most crazy thing ever. I know a lot of critics thought it was ridiculous and all the twists were overdone, but the way everything happens is only showing the effects caused by the characters actions. It’s all about vengeance and revenge. Without giving it away, I will say this: Mark Wahlberg always gets the last word.

The infamous building top.

 I also enjoy the casting. There were A LOT of big names, but I think it worked. Leo’s performance was awful yet strangely endearing (like EVERY role he has ever been in), Matt Damon was a giant douche -oh but what a douche he was! Jack Nicholson was…Jack Nicholson, and Marky –Mark was amazing as per usual. Together they create a giant “Woahhh, like everyone is in this movie!” that only movies like Hairspray, Oceans 11, and the unfortunate Valentines Day can make you say. 

The one thing about this movie that bothers me is the computer software that apparently erases a person identity. That was the worst fake technogly since SDI's. OH ZING. I'm sorry Reagan, I love you.

Best Scene: When Jack Nicholson is being creepy in the movie theatre…no just kidding.

Honorable Mentions (In no particular order)

Titanic (1997) - I like the beginning (Bill Paxton and his ugly sweaters. Enough said) and the very end (Old Rose pretending she doesn’t have the necklace and then BAM! She does. Also, when she is in her bed and it shows all her pictures of her life that was made possible because of Jack. Then she is back on the ship with him and my heart will go on starts playing. I cry every time. Even thinking about it is making me tear up). The rest of the movie is good too, just not top 10 material.

Brokeback Mountain (2005)- This is such a beautiful movie. I absolutely hate it when people refuse to watch, or discredit this movie because it is two men falling in love. It is truly a heartbreaking  story that was wonderfully made (kudos Ang Lee)

Sweeney Todd (2005): People either absolutely love this movie or think it is the weirdest thing they have ever seen. To those in the latter group, I must say this: it’s Tim Burton…what did you expect? I am in the former group. I love this movie. I listen to the soundtrack a lot. I once spontaneously dressed up as Mr.T. We are old friends.

 I would also like to add that Jamie Campbell Bower’s character is a stalker, not a hopeless romantic (on par with Gatsby and Edward Cullen. Yikes).

Gone with the Wind (1939)- Truly a classic. I love GWTW. The characters are so unlikeable. Also, I have a decent amount of memorabilia…and my collection is growing! The only problem is that it’s so damn long! I really don’t care for the second half either (until the end, obviously).  You are not a true movie connoisseur until you have seen this movie.

Bus stop (1956) - This was Marilyn Monroe’s first “serious” role. She has a good performance, but the real credit goes to Don Murray (I can’t explain why his role is so great…you just have to watch it).  There are a couple lines that are complete gold. I also am attached to this film because my dad and I always watch it together. It’s our movie. The ending is super corny though. I kind of hate it.

West side Story (1961)-Incredible film. I love, love, love this movie. The songs are untouchable. The only reason it does not take Singin’ in the Rain’s place as my favorite musical, is because it’s pretty depressing (naturally, for a modern take on Romeo and Juliet). Also, Natalie Wood is super obnoxious and annoys me to no end.

Anastasia (1997) - I always used to think this was Disney’s work…everyone did, but it's not. However, it is so good it could be. This is one of my favorite animated films. The songs are awesome, the heroine is awesome, and the villain is awesome (in the way that the real Rasputin was). Just everything is AWESOME. The film is well paced and is pretty clever. It is not like some children movies these days. The reason it doesn’t make the top ten is because of the historical inaccuracy (something I detest, hello The Tudors).


  1. i am so glad that you like the first LOTR better than the 3rd. thank god. also this blog is awesome :D

  2. Definitely Similar to my top 10.
    P.S. my Dad's favorite movie is Butch Cassidy and i was just so excited to tell him it is yours too!