June 11, 2011

Most Iconic Movie Fashion Moments

You know what I'm talking about...those outfits that somehow steal the entire show. Fashion is very important in the movies. If the actors don't look good, then it takes away from the overall experience. This is especially true in period films and musicals. However, though most of this list falls into either of those categories, a few are just so spectacular that they set the fashion for the time they were made and set in. The following are the outfits that spawned a million halloween costumes, as well as becoming pop culture icons.

1. Marilyn Monroe- The Seven Year Itch: Ahhhh the dress that launched a thousand zips (ahhhh you see what I did there?). Everyone knows this dress. The white skirt being blown up by subway grate is a classic scene that has been recreated in a few movies (my favorite is Blades of Glory). Marilyn is usually depicted in this dress through imitations and statues (see below).

Only Marilyn Monroe could makes something as embarrasing as getting your dress blown up look playful and sexy. This has happened to me before and I will tell you now, it was neither of those things. It was a very ungraceful moment and I think my only audience was a couple of hobos. Maybe it's just the dress. It's stylish and flattering.This dress would look good on pretty much anyone. If it was black, I would be all over that like a shirt (err dress?).

SCANDALOUS! I mean, everyone knows you
shouldnt wear white after labor day.

Fun fact: Rumour Has It, this dress may have contributed to the ending of Monroe's marriage to baseball legend Joe DiMaggio (where did you go?). He thought the dress was too revealing (haha) and didn't like the attention it got from the media during filming in NYC.


2. Audrey Hepburn- Breakfast at Tiffany's: I have a secret...I don't like this movie. I have never cared for it. The only worthwhile part is...yeah you guessed it... the opening scene with her having breakfast at Tiffany's. This is when she is wearing the classic LBD (little black dress for those of you who aren't in the know).

Though the LBD is really Coco Chanel's brainchild, it wasn't a fashion staple until the 60's when Hepburn donned hers - pearls and all! I'm pretty sure you can go to just about any store that sells home accesories  and find a piece of "artwork" with some version of this scene (CASE IN POINT). I have one hehe. Audrey Hepburn was always a fashion icon but this outfit takes the croissant as her most iconic.

Only someone who is wearing something
like that could look ultra classy stuffing
a croissant into their mouth outside
 a jewlrey store.

Fun Fact: The dress was made by famous fashion designer Hubert de Givenchy.

3. Olivia Newton John - Grease: Oh yes, the classic scene. Olivia Newton John wearing those black skin tight pants, red heels, and big hair. I used to think she looked super cool, but then as I thought about it in my older (therefore wiser) years, I realized that Sandy had to dress slutty in order to win Danny. What a wonderful lesson!

However, the scene is still great. She pulls off her jacket, while smoking a cigarette, AND THEN she kicks off of Danny as he is on the ground. Wooeeee. I'm always like "YEAH! she ain't nice Sandy no more!" I think that bad Sandy shows all of us that it's ok if we let down our hair (or in her case, make it five times wider) and dance with John Travolta in a fun house. Few people could pull this outfit off...if you can, well more power to ya.

Tell me about it...stud

Fun Fact: During the filming of this scene, Olivia Newton John had to be sewn into the pants due to the zipper breaking.

4. Vivian Leigh-Gone with the Wind: Ok, here's the situation. Scarlett needs money for the upkeep of Tara. Naturally, she would turn to the rich Rhett Butler who is probably willing to help her out...since he is in love with her. DUH.  However, he can't know she is in desperate need of cash. With no new dresses, what's a girl to do? Make a dress out of curtains of course!

 Scarlett's resourcfullness shows just how much of a badass she is. The girl will do anything to keep from "never going hungry again". God, I love her so much (just another example of how I always enjoy the assholes in movies). This is probably one of my favorite scenes from the movie. She glances at the curtains and raises her eyebrow... you just know. CLASSIC.

The tassles don't give it away at all!

Fun Fact: I'm popping in my special edition set of GWTW at this very moment! I was inspired. Opps, nope. I just found Singin' in the Rain in my VHS player...I thought it was at my beach house! I think we all know who wins this round. Please refer to My Favorite Movies of All Time if this choice puts you for a doozy.

5. John Travolta- Saturday Night Fever: Ahhhh what a movie. It has my three favorite things...Bee Gees, disco, and crazy cool medallions! In Saturday Night Fever, Travolta embodies all of these, while also wearing some sweet threads. I think we must applaud John Travolta and his ability to wow us with not only his dancing (yeah!) but his fashion taste as well.

Random thought: Imagine him as the groom
for a disco themed wedding...

Fun Fact: Disco was on the decline when this movie came out (NEVER! Disco didn't die!) so John Travolta actually had to go searching in used clothing stores for his snaztastic outfits.

Instead of a picture, I thought it was appropriate to post some actual dancing.  Patience...I know it's long. The first dance comes a few minutes in and the white polyester pantsuit comes on around 6:40...because I know that's what you were really looking for.

6. Cinderella-Cinderella: Unfourtanetly, I'm not cool enough to know who the voice of Cinderella was. Even if I did, I'm sure nobody would care. It's not like it was Morgan Freeman or something. Anyways, I had a hard time with this one. I knew I wanted a Disney princess to be on the list, because they totally set fashion...at least for 10 year old girls....around Halloween. I narrowed it down to Belle and Cinderella. Cinderella won out in the end, because when I asked my friend (who is a Disney princess connoiseur) both she and her mother agreed Cinderella was the appropriate choice.

 I think that is fair. When brides are talking about their wedding dress, they don't say "I want to look like Belle" they say, "I want to look like mutha flippin Cinderella!" (sorry, gotta keep things clean...you know what I meant). Also, the shoes. The glass slippers. Truly awesome, yet I can also imagine, very uncomfortable. Cinderella's dress is just classy. It's a nice color and nice cut. I tried draw it when I was younger because I liked it so much...I failed miserably.

Why was Cinderella no good at playing baseball?
Because she was always running away from the ball!

Fun Fact: I once read somewhere that from the original Perrault fairytale there may have been a mistranslation, as in the slippers were actually fur, not glass. This is because the french word for glass is "verre" and the word for fur is "vair". However, my quick google search yeilded results saying this is just a myth. Whatever, still sounds cool.

7. Marilyn Monroe - Gentlemen Prefer Blondes: Is it really fair that she gets to be on the list twice? Of course it is! It's Marilyn Monroe! And though this dress isn't as iconic as her other on the list, the scene is. Her performance of "Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend" is one of the best in move history. Besides that, the outfit is awesome! The hot pink dress, with the long matching gloves and bow. Oh, and we can't forget the diamonds! I personally like this dress better in the "iconic" scene sense, however I felt that the pop culture gods would skin me alive if I put this ahead of the white dress.

Pffff nice dog collar...sorry, couldn't resist mate

Fun Fact: I don't really know much about the dress. I do however know that the song is ranked # 12 in AFI's most important movie songs of all time and I just know it's because of the dress.

8. Kate Winslet- Titanic: Ok, I know this is sort of pushing it because all her dresses in this film should be in a hypothetical "Best Movie Wardrobes" (possible list? perhaps). This may not be the most spectacular of her dreess, however, since this is the one where all the action happens in (ALL kinds of action if ya know what I mean!!!), I decided it was the best for the list. It's so pretty, with all the layers of pastel colored chiffon.She also swims (I say that lightly) in this dress...so really it's also a bathing suit....

Hold meh closer tiny dancer

Fun Fact: This dress is called the "swim dress". All the dresses apparently have names that correspond with the scene they are in...

9. Kiera Knightley -Atonement: Time will tell if this dress is truly iconic, however from my research, it appears this dress is on ALL the lists. I thought this dress was beautiful as well. The color is unique and the fabric luxuriously amazing. It fits her to a glove...a lot of people say that she looks like a skeleton...but my, she is a damn fabulous skeleton.  To sum it all up, this dress is absouletly stunning.

Lightin' up in style

Fun Fact: The dress was designed to give a feeling of "semi nakedness" since it cuts so close to Knightley's body. This is probably appropriate for the scene she wears it in...bow chicka wow wow...

10. Harrison Ford -Indiana Jones: I thought this list needed another man, so who better than Dr. Jones?! I used to babysit this kid who would wear a fedora and carry around a jump rope he pretended was bullwhip. That was when I knew that job was going to work out beautifully (that, and the light saber battles we always had). Anways, Indiana Jones is probably the coolest guy ever. He has the whole rugged look going for him. With him, it's all about the accesories... he single handedly made the a man purse acceptable. Just ask Alan.

Fedora? Check. Whip? Check
Man Purse? Check. Fabulous

Fun Fact: There is an entire page devoted to information on Indy's fedora. I was hoping to get a cool fact but TLDR. seriously. If you're curious, you can read it here.

Only a couple more days until the LOTR poll is over! There are a lot of ties at the moment...so make sure your favorite wins. VOTE. VOTE. VOTE!

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