November 25, 2011

Movie Review: The Muppets

I must apologize for my lack of movie reviews in the summer. I saw quite a few movies, but then became too lazy to actually write them. Some of them just weren't worth it...but The Muppets is.

I feel it's my civic duty to get people to see this movie. If I hadn't gone on Rotten Tomatoes and seen that it currently holds a 96% freshness rating (with the top critics) then I probably wouldn't have seen it.

Who am I kidding? Of course I would have. I love The Muppets. They're so...rad. However, I think some people don't exactly feel this way. The plot of the movie pretty much was driven by the fact that nobody cares a flying fig about The Muppets anymore.

Flying pigs on the other hand...

I care about The Muppets. And so should you...because this shit is magical.

The Muppets begins with Walter, a Muppet looking thing (spoiler) who's brother Gary (Jason Segel) is his best friend. In a nice montage (there are many) we see how close they are growing up AND how Walter discovers The Muppets Show. One day, Gary and his girlfriend Mary (Amy Adams) are about to leave for LA for their 10th anniversary...for dating...

He hasn't put a ring on it.

BUT SURPRISE! Walter is invited too, just so he can see The Muppet theatre! Que dance number and they're off to tinsel town. When they arrive, things get dissapointing, because The Muppet theatre is now a run down tourist destination.

As fate would have it, while there, Walter overhears an evil plot by bad guy Tex Richman (haha, I gettit) to buy the theatre and DIG FOR OIL (what?)

Bro, this be the only kind o' oil you find in L.A.

Walter, Gary, and Mary set out to get the Muppet gang back together and raise enough money to get the theatre back! Hilarity, heart warming, and cameos galore ensure.

I coudn't help myself. I was smiling the whole time. It brought together by three favorite things: musical numbers, cameo's, and Neil Patrick Harris

Spoiler: he does all three.

The musical parts were not just singing and dancing. Oh no, there were montages as well, to the most cliche music...but IT WORKED. The cameo's were spot on and awesome. I won't spoil them, because half the fun is...the surprise...

I think the best thing about The Muppets was how it made fun of itself. It knew it was silly and stupid, but not to the point where you loose IQ points. I felt genuinely joyful for 1 hour and 38 minutes. Jason Segel was presh, as always, and it's even better because he co-wrote the movie! He definitely has a recognizable sense of if you like his sense of humour, you'll love the movie.

But really? How could you not?

It's heart warming, but not to the extent where you want to puke up your Thanksgiving dinner.

Oh, and Miss Piggy is so fabulous. Such a HBIC (Head bitch in charge. It's my mission to make this a thing).

Girl, you lookin' fionnnneeee.

Final Grade: -A

Please go see this movie. You'll be happy for the rest of the day. Unless, of course, you have a moment with an asshole while driving I did.

They managed to snap a pic of me when this happened.

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