July 3, 2011

Top 10 Scenes from The Lord of the Rings

Ok, I swear this will be the last post about LOTR for a while. I have finally finished my three week one night only extended edition (with indroduction by Peter Jackson) theater viewing, so the movie high is coming to an end. However, I will say that I missed the Return of the King because it was sold out...it was awful, but I ended up watching it a few nights ago so it's all good. Except, I missed the whoe extended edition part.Woah, the movies are on right now...LOTR weekend FTW!

Anyways, my brother and I were disscussing the best scenes from The Lord of the Rings because every once and a while we would say "Oh shit, that's a good scene." Then it got to, "Well, what are the best scenes?" Alas, we discussed and then I realized I just createda new list without even meaning to! Hooray! This is more of a view than commentary, so it's almost a filler list. I just needed another post before the poll ends...because right now it's all tied up. P.S no extended edition scenes because that just makes it 10x harder.

10. Frodo Get's his finger bitten off/The Ring is Destroyed: I was trying to decided whether I wanted this scene or when Frodo get's stabbed by Shelob...because both are good scenes (no, not just because Frodo gets hurt. I'm not THAT mean). I decided on this one because it IS when the ring finally get's destroyed. Frodo loosing an appendage is just a bonus...

9. You Shall Not Pass: Of course! I would get so much shit if this wasn't on here. The other internet craze that everyone parodies...however, I don't like this one as much. But it's Gandalf, so how bad can it be? Exactly. It's a good scene. The mines are creepy, tensions are high, Frodo cries like a little bitch (I'm sorry, that was mean). All in all, one of the most memorable.

8. Boromir's Death: No, not because he was an asshole who should have died...assholes. I believe this was Boromir's redeeming moment. He died saving the hobbits ("they got the little ones"). That son of a bitch just would't give up...he gets shot with like what, four arrows? Boromir is my favorite character and I see it as my lifes mission to get people to stop hatin' on him. I was also going to put the actually scene when he dies and Aragorn and Boromir make up, and they have a little love fest, but I couldn't find a decent video. So this does the job. Except, I really like that part too. One of my other favorite LOTR quotes and it shows a sensitive side! It touches my heart...similar to the way the arrow touched Boromir's...OHH ZING

Just kidding! See, I can take a joke.

7. GhostArmy: When Aragorn raises his sword and the ghost army appears, I always manage to get out a "Oh, hell yeah!" or something to that effect. I LOVE IT. Probably in the top three scenes for me personally...however, it is lower for the purposes of this list. So epic. So badass. I know epic is a terribly overused word, but it is necassary for this. You just know shit is going down. The army kind of goes through the place, sweeping away all the meanies. I recently compared it to hydrogen peroxide on a wound....

6. One Does not Simply Walk into Mordor: Ok, a lot of people don't understand why this is so funny. I suppose it is the whole mordor meme thing (google that shit), you know "one does not simply ______ into mordor". Internet inside jokes, I tell ya. I personally like it because it is Boromir's claim to fame, and we all know how much I love Boromir! After you say it enough times, or read the memes this scene is a golden nugget that you anticipate when watching the movie. Classic.

This is the only one I could find from youtube that wasn't a parody or joke but it's in HD so it doesn't upload, but here is the link.

And here are the jokes surrounding it...enlightening? I apologize for the choice of song of the creator.

5. You Bow to no One: Oh shit. This is the most touching scene of the whole thing. I can't even explain how wonderful it is...I also don't think I need to. I get the tinglies (again) everytime. This is the moment where I stop the movie. I watch this scene and then turn it off. After many years of discipline and practice, I have concluded this is the real ending...even though there is still another twenty minutes worth of bullshit afterwards.

4. For Frodo: I couldn't a single video, however at 2:50 in this one you will see it (and a little before that the "let's hunt some orc"!). This scene gives me the tinglies. I don't necassarily agree with what Aragorn is saying...because I hate Frodo, but it is still a heartwarming part. Really sums up the whole trilogy. Everything is FOR FRODO so he can destory the ring...so men aren't destroyed or whatever.

3. Aragorn's Speech: Oh yeahhh, the King Returns! This speech is up there with "I have a Dream" in my opinion (I'm about 3/4 serious). It can translate quite nicely for any event or moment that needs insipiration. I know my brother uses it for finals. I use it when I'm at hot dog eating contests. See, everything!

2. I am no man: One of the most memorable lines in the whole trilogy (in my humble opinion). I can't stand Eoywn until this point because she is all like "bahhh I want to fight in battle, bahhh Aragorn why don't you love me?" but then this part comes and you forget all of that. I don't want to go into a whole thing about how it was a ultimately woman who killed the witch king...that is just asking for feminists and anti feminist fights about all this stuff that really doesn't have any relevence to LOTR as a whole. "But maybe it is Peter Jackson trying to say something about the power of woman." NO! "It's an allegory from the bible." NO! It's just an awesome scene worthy of another hypothetical Best Movie Lines of all Time (I have a lot of those). She whips off her helmet and "I AM NO BRO."

Like always, the video linking on this sucks and I haven't figured out how to get links from youtube directly because I have to use the youtube search box in the editing panel.  The real scene is here

1. Legolas Jumps on Horse: This scene was briefly mentioned in The Favorite Member of the Fellowship. I don't know what it is. The impossibility of swinging on a horse like that (of course, it is Legolas. The dude can walk on snow. C'mon)? The music? How if you aren't watching carefully you will miss it? All I know is that this will forever be my favorite scene in the whole trilogy. I rewind it everytime, so I can watch it five or so times. I rather not go farther in depth with this one...I don't want to ruin the pure simple joy it gives.

Honorable Mentions (AKA the ones I couldn't find videos for):
The Steward of Gondors death: Uh. The drop off the tower alone is awesome. It's kind of awful... man dies for goodness sake! However, the man in question was crazy and a giant asshole, so you reap what you sow. I probably the coolest way to die (not the ideal way), I think.
Frodo's leg pop: I had to do this in honor of my friends, because they love this scene. It's when Gandalf comes to The Shire in the beginning. Frodo jumps into his wagon and his leg like flies in the air at a weird angle and after the rest of his body has landed. It's pretty funny...for some reason.
Let's hunt some orc: My favorite line of Aragorn's. SO BADASS. I really wish there was a video for this one because I can't explain it. You just have to watch it...and when you do, think of me!


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